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Binding authority

Information page


What we do

We have a number of years placing Binding Authorities into the London market. We look for binding authorities that are more specialised by nature, which are run by underwriters and designed to survive market cycles.

There is a big difference between a contract and a binding authority, the contract is given out by a market wishing to attract business at their pre determined terms. A Binding Authority is crafted to the terms required by the MGA who have the market insight in order to make profit at their terms and to generate a significant profit commission.

Types of policies


  • Primary

  • Excess

  • Buy downs

  • Embedded

Limits available


Capacity depends on the unique details of each binder. The capacity will be defined by the risk limit, premium income, aggregates required and always the balance of all three.

How we place it


  • Binding Authorities

  • Treaty Reinsurance

Minimum Premium USD / CAD / EURO 2,500,000​



Literally anything that makes sense where there is a niche


Real risks

  • Auto Physical Damage

  • Active Shooter

  • Cyber

  • Embryo coverage

  • Property

  • REI Property / liability

  • Parametric 

  • Earthquake

  • Dutch army PA binder

Fenchurch Broking Limited (FCA No.938305) is an appointed representative of Bennett Gould & Partners Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA No.306850).

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