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Casualty Information Summary


What we do

We place capacity for unusual casualty risks that fall out of the North American market appetite. Examples of these can be new digitally traded business exposures, new technology and contingent cover where there is a mix of contractual responsibilities.

For Canadian risks, we have access to the London General Liability market and are able to offer coverage on most business types

Types of Policies

Risk Transfer

Primary Policies
Excess Policies
SIR and deductible buy downs
Contingent policies

Limits Available


On a primary basis we have access to USD50 million of capacity
On an excess basis we have access to USD100 million of capacity

How we place it


  • Open market

  • Binding Authority

  • Fac Reinsurance

  • Treaty Reinsurance

Minimum Premium USD / CAD / EURO 150,000


Business types

  • Agriculture / Grain / Poultry

  • Electronics

  • Entertainment

  • Healthcare

  • Hotels / Hospitality

  • Infrastructure - Roads, bridges and tunnels

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Mining

  • Municipalities

  • Power Generation

  • Real estate - commercial

  • Retail

  • Steel

  • Utilities


Real risks

  • General Liability for interesting risks where the local market doesn't want to offer capacity, new technology.

  • Railroad Liability

  • Aggregate swing policy for large trucking companies

  • Cover for a pier being leased out by a hotel to a third party operator

  • Liability for a web based firm offering handy men and women for small jobs

  • Deductible buy backs for wraps subcontractors

Fenchurch Broking Limited (FCA No.938305) is an appointed representative of Bennett Gould & Partners Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA No.306850).

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